About Kianga Capital


Kianga Capital Limited purposely chose to be Hong Kong as we view Hong Kong as a gateway to Asia based on the following obvious factors - Asian Liquidity is real and tangible Financial Markets – Flexibility, and stability and sustainability.

Financial systems in HK – are uniquely poised for operations like us, regulated, and BRICKS – Brazil Russia India China and South Africa - The leadership of Kianga is from South Africa and leverage on South Africa's role and contribution to BRICKS in being the gateway into Africa.

This decision has proved itself true, based on the past two years where Hong Kong has been rated the Financial Capital of the world for the second year running.

Kianga, as an emerging diversified group in the Asia Pacific region, the group is dedicated to fulfilling the ever changing needs of its customers and promoting the development and prosperity of the region as well as to help facilitate legitimate platforms for investment into other emerging markets in Latin America and Africa. We seek to be a one-stop professional solutions enabler on equity and corporate finance to the institutional investors and shareholders analysis and investment of private placement as well as listed corporations for clients.

We seek to ensure the protection of investors while having their investments with us as we have established a reliable platform for investment execution.

About Kianga Capital


Currently the directors of Kianga manage and operate four different companies in South Africa, viz. Vinm Holding, Idam Capital, Archi-M Studio and Ilanda Africa, hereafter collectively called "South African Consortium" (SAC). All four companies are related and provide turnkey solutions on BOT basis.

SAC's biggest client base are predominantly government (national and provincial) in Africa and Latin America. However, SAC has a significant corporate and/or commercial clientele.

The symbiotic relationship between SAC and Kianga is that SAC originates the projects from conceptualisation, through to planning, design and implementation; while Kianga Capital Limited will raise, structure and deploy the funding for the specific project identified.