• SADC member states spans more than 9 million square kilometres, across 14 countries, and comprises a market of more than 237 million people.
  • It has a combined GDP of circa US$369 billion, and in 2005 had an average GNI per capita of approximately US$1 808.
  • Minerals, metals, fossil fuels, and agricultural produce are themost significant exports of the region.
  • The total value of SADC trade in 2007 was US$ 201 billion and the value of intra SADC trade was US27,5 billion, 13.68% of total SADC trade.


Through trusted partners, we provide independent "boutique" consultancy for wealth transfer and liquidity planning to high net worth individuals and businesses in Africa and Latin America. ASSET AND WEALTH MANAGEMENT.


Kianga Capital is experienced in the investment field and where our management team has substantial knowledge and experience as well as a strong global network. We have cultivated long-standing relationships with major players in global capital markets including commercial banks, brokerage firms, fund managers and government departments in various jurisdictions. Building on these relationships and leveraging our well established global network, we are able to assist our clients in different areas including identifying investment opportunities, performing due diligence and accessing Initial Public Offering ("IPO") issues via our affiliates dealing on securities platform.

Credit Risk Control Diagram....

Investment process is monitored under strict credit risk control

Kianga Capital has rigorous credit risk control policies in order to make sure that our platform runs smoothly. We ensure that our investors and financiers are well protected.

Pre-investment: We first seek to understand our clients and their projects and needs with the guideline of KYC "Know Your Client" and perform relevant due diligence

Investment Processing: Appointing a third party to verify the background and status in order to make sure that all the documents are valid. Our investment committee will examine the projects and vote for the project. We consider the financiers' business development, the value of their collateral and their repaying capabilities

Post-investment: We keep track and monitor the projects development; analyse performance gaps between targeted and actual performance and the on-going economic status of the borrowers and their operations