Kianga 's investment unit focuses on creating value through the development and/or acquisition and strategic management of early stage opportunities with a compelling concept, good management, and significant growth potential. Kianga acquires controlling interests in clients that we can manage for value. We further acquire strategic investments in our chosen sectors in mid-market opportunities alongside our private equity and other funding partners, in the ICT and Resources sectors.

The attributes of the opportunities we pursue are as follows:

Compelling Concept

We seek investments with industry defining capability, whether as a result of technological innovation, market gap, or channel innovation. We explore geographies with strong market potential, were we can achieve early mover status, or alternatively, industry innovator status.

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Strong Management

Kianga seeks to invest in clients with strong management, that are highly experienced in the industry sectors in which they participate, and have a solid track record of achievement and integrity before them.

Economic Opportunity

We have appetite for significant economic opportunity exists, due to perhaps factors such as strategic misalignment, high turnaround capability, or under-valuation


Kianga Capital Limited is fast developing strong and solid relationships with different Private Equity Finds, Asset and Wealth Management companies and leading banking groups in Asia.