Structured Finance

We specialise in the development of alternative funding structures that unlock value where traditional financial and banking approaches are limited in their applicability. In this division, we raise, manage and structure funding solutions to achieve the following client objectives:

  • Optimise company cash flow
  • Improve working capital efficiency
  • Create additional balance sheet capacity and increase leverage

Structured Finance solutions become necessary when the value of a potential transaction is significantly higher to the net asset value of the company, causing funding capacity and gearing constraints.

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Bank requirements for issuance of documentary letters of credit, standby letters of credit and bank guarantees to facilitate international trade are often onerous, with institutions issuing instruments only on fully collateralised opportunities. Resultantly, transactions with low performance risk and good counterparties often go unsupported. A structured trade finance approach however looks to the goods traded, the ability of the counterparties to perform and the strength of the transaction to secure the transaction. We craft risk mitigation structures that then enable a transaction to be supported. In this way, we facilitate international trade as well as fuel the growth mid-tier clients through unlocking vendor or bank financing.


We support clients through the arrangement of credit enhancement instruments including Standby Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees. We craft secure structures in which funding can be afforded utilising these instruments to enhance the credit quality of the borrower.

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